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We are coming closer . Two and a half steps were made on the way to "Forever" .The Cover is ready , the beat two . Crizzy is at the time recording the Track , this Month it will be ready . From now we have a new Topic , called " Artworks " . There you can find new pics or covers of Crizzy .

We can't wait for it . OVOXO

Posted on 3rd October 2011 by CITBFY

Work is rollin' !

After a great vacation , Crizzy got back to work . He wrote a lot of songs for "Raise up Season" he is now going to record them .. We caught him for a pair of words :

So , hows "tha work" ?!

"Tha work" ?? Man , work is rollin' fellas .. But , I fuck up every time , as I'm on tha second verse from Forever .. Dude .. Writin is very hard shit , dawg ...

Ok .. Nobody can't wait for "Forever" , when will be the outcome ?

As fast as I'm finish , fellas !

Any words to "tha fellas " ?

Hahaha .. yeah :

Steps to make .

Time to raise .

Stay Cole ,

Take Care ..

Posted on 20th September 2011 by CITBFY

Deal is safe

The times of uncertainty is over . Because Run Jack Run has given the final confirmation for our kid Crizzy . Scout said : Dude,like your beat! We're a bit busy at the minute finishing our album but we'll send you a beat to write to in Oct yeah? "  . Direct words , direct sense . We all can't exite when it will say : Run Jack Run feat. Crizzy!

Good Luck

Posted on 14th August 2011 by CITBFY


So Guys ,

after so much RJR stuff we will post now some about our Crizzy . After this days Crizzys fan-community raised and raised ! In 2 days it raised from 4 fans to incredible 12 fans ! for somebody it sounds lame , but for us (we r not that long in the buisness ) it IS not lame ! We hope that the Crizzy-Fellas will get more and more ! Whatever . If you downloaded the Forever Beat Sneak , you certainly realzied that this track belongs to an Album ! The Album is called Raise up Season . Crizzy said it will be filled with 10 Tracks and 2 Wallpapers .

So stay Tuned to CITBFY !

Posted on 11th August 2011 by CITBFY

It's Niiiiiiiiiiiice !

Scout and me were just a few seconds ago mailing .....Damn you can't imagine what he said . He asked me to send him some of my beatz , so he can get my style . He checked it very fast , following he commented :

"It's niiiiiiiice. Gritty. Cool. It's not bad at all man! I like it :)


PS i'll get you some beats to write to very soon!"

Damn I'm so happy that I have a "fan" like he is :P

Stay Cole .

Take Care

Posted on 11th August 2011 by Crizzy

P.S You can check the Beat Sneak tomorrow in tha new

Homepage topic : Beat Sneaks

First Signs

Scout (on the right) answered on Crizzys last "Twitt-Mail" . He wrote that Crizzy have to send him his stuff . Scout understood the situation Crizzy is now . So maybe RJR will help Crizzy to start . 

Run Jack Run feat. Crizzy 

Sounds great , right?

Posted on 10th August 2011 by CITBFY

Is "Run Jack Run" interested ?

After some mailing with "Run Jack Run" , the two guys showed some interest for a feature for our Crizzy . CITBFY and Crizzy can't wait for the last confirmation from Skip & Scout . Stay tuned for more ...

Posted on 09th August 2011 by CITBFY

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